Assorted Who Thoughts:

Review: A Swashbuckling Romance!

Fans have been celebrating this as a kind of queer epic for weeks, and I was a sceptic, to be honest, that the show was really going to be capable of pulling off a fun pirate romp and an effective, central gay romance at the same time, especially seeing as neither is easy to do… Continue Reading →

An Unreasonably Deep Dive into: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

There’s a number of issues with The Return of Doctor Mysterio, but I think if we were to find a single, ship-sinking kryptonite criticism of the thing, it would be that it’s just sorta there. Its reputation isn’t that it’s beloved, nor hated, nor divisive, but totally unremarkable, unmemorable, uncommentable. And that’s a criticism that… Continue Reading →

Case No.F4: The Image of the ██████

[Note: this file was redacted from evidence and analysis regarding the Flux phenomenon. It attempts to document the Medderton Incident, and the entities there involved. But there’s a danger in trying to understand that which doesn’t want to be known.]

Dracula Does Double Duty

[This was originally posted in early 2020 under the title “Holistic Storytelling in Doctor Who”. Minor such edits] There’s a line from Steven Moffat’s Dracula that jumped out at me this year, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Regarding the three seemingly arbitrary rules that govern a vampire, Van Helsing reasons “But you… Continue Reading →

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