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I have trouble remembering things, so I started writing them down. This space is where I keep them.

CorruptMemories is a place for me to dump all the stuff I write and can’t stop writing. It’s less an actual blog than a Wild West of unrefined ideas, long-form observations, and venting. Sometimes people find it interesting, so here it is.

I write a pathological amount about Doctor Who, an obsession that peaked with a 9-part mega-essay about the 2020 12th series (and Time Travel Fiction in general) which is worse than it sounds given I didn’t even like it very much:

Other Doctor Who essays can be found here, or by navigating by the menubar above:

All this is part of a project of taking analysis to media that really doesn’t deserve it. The Take Away is a series of deep-dives into TV comedy and its political context.

My most recent project has been building with Jenna Ng, writer and researcher on the logics and politics of interactive media and the ‘post-screen’.

Who are you?

My name is Oliver James Tomkins

I’m a bit of a writer, academic, and creative, with a particular interest in the space where the two meet

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