What is this place?

I have trouble remembering things, so I started writing them down. This space is where I keep them.

CorruptMemories is a place for me to dump all the stuff I write and can’t stop writing. It’s less an actual blog than a Wild West of unrefined ideas, long-form observations, and venting. Sometimes people find it interesting, so here it is.

What kinds of thoughts can be found here?

All sorts. The general MO is taking literary analysis to media that ‘doesn’t deserve it,’ focussing on socio-political, technological, and existential themes; I read way too deep into way too much crap. Mostly bad television and good video games.

I write a pathological amount about Doctor Who, an obsession that peaked with a 9-part mega-essay about the 2020 12th series (and Time Travel Fiction in general) which is worse than it sounds given I didn’t even like it very much. If you’re here for the Who stuff, here’s two places to start:

Series 12 Essays

Other Doctor Who

In a similar vein, I’m currently writing The Take Away, a deep dive into contemporary TV comedy and its political context, with the aim being to treat these decades-long collaboratively told stories the same way we do ‘single works’ with distinct and specific creative visions.

It’s an exercise in killing authors and talking about stories on a scale we’re not usually capable of.

[I am still writing the first of these essays. They’ll appear soon.]

Games, too. I study and write about interactivity and narrative, and the actually totally unique experiences created there, again focussed on the political and existential. These range from literary analysis of interactive works to conceptual hypothecating on the nature of storytelling. I can’t imagine these are gonna be popular, lmao.

[Being formatted now. They’ll appear soon.]

What else?

I guess I make films, too. Might as well put them here.

[Any day now…]

Who are you?

My name is Oliver James Tomkins

I’m a bit of a writer, with a book set to publish next year. Academic, and creative, with a particular interest in the space where the two meet

If you want, you can find more thoughts here:

I’m open for commission and collaboration and conversation, if you just want to chat:

Recent Thoughts:

The Truth of The Lie of the Land

[About the 2017 Doctor Who episode Lie of the Land, S10E8, by Toby Whithouse] Consider, for a minute: what is The Lie of the Land doing, as a title? Of course, it’s a play on words between the phrase’s duel meanings of “the way things are” and “the misinformation across the world,” in a story… Continue Reading →

Review: A Swashbuckling Romance!

Fans have been celebrating this as a kind of queer epic for weeks, and I was a sceptic, to be honest, that the show was really going to be capable of pulling off a fun pirate romp and an effective, central gay romance at the same time, especially seeing as neither is easy to do… Continue Reading →

An Unreasonably Deep Dive into: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

There’s a number of issues with The Return of Doctor Mysterio, but I think if we were to find a single, ship-sinking kryptonite criticism of the thing, it would be that it’s just sorta there. Its reputation isn’t that it’s beloved, nor hated, nor divisive, but totally unremarkable, unmemorable, uncommentable. And that’s a criticism that… Continue Reading →

The Mountain We Can’t Climb

It’s February 2020, and I’m on my annual Groundhog Day movies marathon. If you don’t know, Groundhog Day is about a man stuck in a time-loop on February 2nd, where every day is the exact same as the day before, and in recent years it has spawned a whole sub-genre of similar movies with varying… Continue Reading →

Six Short Films in Isolation

In June 2021 I had to cancel all my plans and self-isolate for a week. I didn’t even have my guitar, given it was in the shop for work. To stop myself going mad (or possibly just funnel that madness somewhere productive) I gave myself the challenge of making a short film every day, from… Continue Reading →


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